Atom "Ace Boog" Samuels, a visionary, innovator, entrepreneur, professional tattoo artist, and world changer was born & raised in 1987 in the Heart (Ghetto) Of East & West Baltimore to Favia Dean, a single, black, devoted mother who always instilled morals in him. With only a 6th grade education, she always made a way and always told him the truth, no matter the circumstances. Having this background allowed him to see everything in the world for what it was, but also allowed him to realize that there is more to life than hardship and poverty. They didn't have an abundance of material things but they were rich in knowledge and his mother made sure that he never went a night without.

The older he got, the harder times got. They moved constantly, never allowing him to stay in a school to finish a year, let alone keep a real friend. As a result, he had no choice but to use his imagination. Coming up alone with no male figure, he also had to mature faster than the average young boy. Soon enough he develop a perspective that exercised his creative ability for art, music and theatre. Throughout grade school he won multiple awards and participated in various plays and shows.

He went on to attend Baltimore School Of the Arts where he was introduced to a new world where he was interacting with other diverse individuals and where he built life long relationships and polished his creative faculties of his mind. Later attending UMES, he found himself stuck because he knew his full potential and that it didn't exist in becoming the "norm". He Knew his entire life that he was everything but normal and that his life served a bigger purpose to create, not disintegrate and be like everyone else.

His cousin helped him purchase his first tattoo machine. He had no knowledge of how to assemble it properly but with the burning desire to succeed, he knew anything was possible. After years of trial and error, and sometimes sleepless nights, he gained the knowledge that repetition produces perfection! After always being employed and having his own hustle, he lost his construction job in 2012. Finding his back against the wall, once again, he knew his calling was bigger than what someone  didn't see in him. The summer of 2012 he founded and opened his first tattoo company,  "Born Ready Ink" and never looked back.

Almost four years later, he still owns his own shop, working next to his art family Raggz, TK, & Slink, and always sharpening his artistic eye for not just tattooing, but life in general. He now has clients flying in from around the world(Egypt, Australia, & Dubai) for his Artwork. He grew a great respect and passion, not just for the tattooing field, but also for making sure that each client leaves with more than just a tattoo, but also with more awareness!